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Solar Power Solutions for Home

You might want to consider a home solar solution for your home because they are renewable power sources. Our team can provide solar power solutions for home that is very personal and tailored to your specific needs. We will conduct an on-site consultation, evaluate your needs and discuss your options. Products that we work with and that can stand up to the tough Australian climate are of the highest quality.  There are many different options and packages to choose from, and we’ll help you decide which one is best for you, and help you install them.

Is Home solar panel installation enough to power My house?

It is possible to power your entire house on solar energy alone, but this isn’t always the most effective choice.  If you want to use solar power for your house, it’s important to add a backup power source to make sure that your power doesn’t run out.  During the winter, when it’s often dark outside, you want to have enough power from the sun to have your lights on at night. However, it is possible to install a large solar power system with a large capacity battery that can store enough energy to provide sufficient power without downtime. Our solar power experts are on call to help you figure out the best solar solution for your home. Factors that may affect solar efficiency

  • The position of the solar panel relative to the sun
  • Inverter efficiency of solar cells
  • Environmental factors (shadow, temperature, dirt, etc.)

Commercial Solar Solution

It makes sense for the savvy business owner to consider installing a commercial solar system because of rising energy costs and a worldwide emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint. At Casone Electrical, we have worked with many commercial businesses across several industries to assist them in lowering their electricity costs and ultimately gaining a return on their investment, not to mention the obvious benefits to the environment. With the initial expenditures for a commercial solar system and installation, and after considering any government rebates that you may be entitled to, your system may start to make money for you, or at least aggressively reduce your electricity bill for a few years.

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Casone Electrical is the perfect solar installation company for your requirements, whether you’re offsetting energy costs, using battery storage to store excess energy, or accessing eligible government incentives such as feed-in. We help you plan, design, and install your PV system.

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We also take your energy consumption into account, after which we’ll source the best panels and batteries from our extensive network of suppliers. We can then provide business or home solar panel installation that’s carried out by highly trained and fully qualified technicians who are backed by years of experience. We also offer periodic maintenance to check the condition of your residential or commercial solar system and fix any issues that arise.

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