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Security Lighting

Adding home security lighting to your house may give you the feeling of being in a secure environment. Casone Electrical Services will install residential emergency lights, which are useful in the event of a power outage or while arriving home late at night after work. Everyone wants to feel safe, which includes having an escape strategy in case of a tragedy without being caught off guard by improperly constructed interior fittings, such as defective evacuation routes through building exits outside our houses’ walls.

Motion detector Lights Installation

We also install lighting that can be activated by sensors, turning on only when a person approaches. This lets intruders know they have been detected as well as alerting you with an LED light for your property so nothing sneaks up behind the unsuspecting homeowner while he or she is out working in their yard at night time. The switch generally stays connected 24/7 because modern units often contain photocells meaning it will only turn off if there are no humans around to activate them anymore – but if someone walks past without stopping then this simple motion sensor porch lamp would shine brightly against every dark shadow from dusk till dawn.

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Homeowners should protect their homes with the best possible means. At Casone Electrical, we offer expert electrical work by licensed electricians to keep your house safe from intruders or any other unwanted visitors for you can enjoy peace at night knowing that it’s protected against potential threats like break-ins!

As a locally owned company, we have the best customer service and expertise to meet your needs. We offer installation services for outdoor security lights including security flood lights fixtures on exterior walls on new construction projects as well as ensuring everything gets maintained correctly every single time including fixing any potential problems before they become serious issues for decades into the future.

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Phil Hiosan

Residential Customer

I would recommend Casone because of their quick, friendly and efficient services. From the outset, Luke gives you all possible scenarios in detail so there are no nasty surprises. Casone is very responsive to any query, they provide great products sourced locally and excellent installation with follow up service. I highly recommend Luke and his team at Casone. Could not be happier with the resu...

Tia Kesury

Celsius Fire

I highly recommend Casone Electrical, they have a high level of quality in practice and general welcoming approachability. Casone always provide clear & concise communication, information and a high standard of documentation. I found Casone Electrical through personal networking, and they have been exceptional regarding performing works, as a contractor Casone communicates and liaises well ...


Delux Blinds

I recommend Luke and his team at Casone Electrical as they are professional, friendly and have communicated well with us on all the jobs we have completed with them. Casone electrical provide quality workmanship, they are reliable and conduct their business in a professional manner. As suppliers and installers of motorized window furnishings, we use and recommend Casone Electrical for all our j...

Lisa Rankin

Principal of Yarra Junction Primary School

Casone Electrical has always provided us timely and efficient high-quality electrical services. As a school we find them to be affordable and always provide us with clear communication and explanation of service/products. We found Casone electrical through a recommendation and we would highly recommend Casone’s services if you are looking for quality electrical work. They have friendly and pr...


Callen Constructions

Casone Electrical are prompt and professional. They have a good eye for design and detail and go above and beyond what is required. Would recommend them to anyone, you won’t be disappointed. ...