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When a home is under construction, the electrician must ensure that all wiring work is completed safely. This includes installing switchboards and safety switches as well power points for appliances like refrigerators or ovens in kitchens with no other means of electricity source outside their own building’s electrical circuit which can lead to potential fires from cooking food on high temperatures being ignited by an open flame nearby causing smoke inhalation injuries should they have insufficient ventilation because sometimes these types don’t either but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider residential rewiring though if it would only take up some floor space because there are many benefits including preventing possible electrocutions.

Casone Electrical believes that residential apartment building owners should have their buildings periodically rewired. The electrical wiring and switchboards are vulnerable because of the constant exposure to external pollutants, and internal pollutants like dust and dirt. Over the years, electrical systems have dealt with irregular power supplies and other power surges. This will wear down electrical wiring and other electrical outlets. This could also be a problem for the inhabitants of this building, as it makes them vulnerable to electrical accidents. We conduct a 100 point check of the electrical system. The company provides a detailed approach to help clients make informed decisions. We also categorize issues so that they can prioritize rewriting requests. We understand the financial commitment of the project and provide value for money services.

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How Much Does House Rewiring Cost

As your trusted electrical rewiring company, we want to make sure you are well-informed about the rewiring process. We will take care of all aspects and provide quotes based on the exact requirements for each property – there is no “one size fits all” cost because it varies depending on location as well as previous work done before us.

Once our team have inspected this building’s wiring system thoroughly (and after discussing potential upgrades), then my team can give individuals clear estimates regarding how much the house rewiring will cost in order to ensure optimal safety standards.

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Phil Hiosan

Residential Customer

I would recommend Casone because of their quick, friendly and efficient services. From the outset, Luke gives you all possible scenarios in detail so there are no nasty surprises. Casone is very responsive to any query, they provide great products sourced locally and excellent installation with follow up service. I highly recommend Luke and his team at Casone. Could not be happier with the resu...

Tia Kesury

Celsius Fire

I highly recommend Casone Electrical, they have a high level of quality in practice and general welcoming approachability. Casone always provide clear & concise communication, information and a high standard of documentation. I found Casone Electrical through personal networking, and they have been exceptional regarding performing works, as a contractor Casone communicates and liaises well ...


Delux Blinds

I recommend Luke and his team at Casone Electrical as they are professional, friendly and have communicated well with us on all the jobs we have completed with them. Casone electrical provide quality workmanship, they are reliable and conduct their business in a professional manner. As suppliers and installers of motorized window furnishings, we use and recommend Casone Electrical for all our j...

Lisa Rankin

Principal of Yarra Junction Primary School

Casone Electrical has always provided us timely and efficient high-quality electrical services. As a school we find them to be affordable and always provide us with clear communication and explanation of service/products. We found Casone electrical through a recommendation and we would highly recommend Casone’s services if you are looking for quality electrical work. They have friendly and pr...


Callen Constructions

Casone Electrical are prompt and professional. They have a good eye for design and detail and go above and beyond what is required. Would recommend them to anyone, you won’t be disappointed. ...