Home Security Solution
Home Security Solution


If you’re looking to enhance the security of your home, we can recommend you some worthwhile options. Getting these latest technology instruments you can make the atmosphere around your home more secure. We provide a range of residential security systems for improvement purpose. The electricians at Casone Electrical are well-versed in all instrument installation and happy to serve your family. Below some specific equipment you can get installed at your home for such requirements:


In the subject of security systems, security lighting refers to illumination used to discourage or detect invasions and other illegal activities on a property or facility. It may also be utilised to provide a sense of security. Lighting is a vital component of environmental design for crime prevention.

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A home alarm system consists of a number of linked electrical components. They identify movement or the unlocking of doors and windows using sensors and contacts, at which point a loud alarm is generated to inform anyone nearby of the unpermitted entrance.


Access control is a data protection solution that provides the management of access authorizations to business data and resources. Secure access control employs rules that validate users are who they claim to be and guarantees users are provided the proper control access levels.


It is a sophisticated door entry system for controlling building access. A video door intercom with a camera, like other intercom systems, enables communication between guests and tenants. Rather of relying just on speech, residents may watch live or recorded photos via a camera-equipped door entry scanner to authenticate the identity of a guest before providing admittance.


CCTV, which stands for closed-circuit television, is sometimes referred to as video surveillance. “Closed-circuit” indicates that broadcasts are often sent to a restricted number of monitors, as opposed to “normal” television, which is aired to the whole public. Residential CCTV camera networks are often employed to detect and discourage criminal activity and to record traffic violations, but they have further applications.


We recommend the residential security systems Melbourne to every homeowner. If you’re planning to have any of above explained devices, you should look no further, as expert electricians at Casone Electrical can affix every instrument with perfection. We can also suggest you the best quality equipment for longer stability. Call us to learn more about home security devices.

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