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Are you concerned about how safe and secure your home or business is? At Casone Electrical, we’re proud to offer state-of-the-art home security solutions and office security solutions to put your mind at ease. Our specialists will assess your property to identify vulnerabilities, after which we’ll provide recommendations to strengthen them. From CCTV cameras and security alarms through to access control systems and more, there’s nothing we can’t do for you. You can rely on us to make you feel safer and more secure from threats such as unauthorised entry and attempted burglary.

Security Lighting

We can install quality home security lighting or office security lighting that prevents intruders from sneaking into private or restricted areas. We offer multiple options, including motion lights whenever movement is detected, outdoor security lights that boast minimal power consumption, and more. Our motion detector lights can bolster your defences in areas that are prone to threats.


We can install CCTV security cameras in Melbourne that capture footage of intruders and burglars. These can additionally come with wireless features which allow you to control the cameras and monitor the videos remotely. In addition, a security camera in Melbourne can be integrated with an alarm and lighting system and even have night-vision capabilities. Our CCTV installer in Melbourne can determine the best locations to install cameras for maximum coverage.

Smoke Detectors/CO2 Detection

We can install, repair and maintain smoke detectors and smoke alarms in Melbourne for your peace of mind. We’ll inspect the layout of your building to work out the best spot for smoke alarm installation. We also offer regular inspections to check the functionality, performance and volume of your detectors as part of our smoke alarm service.

Access Control

If you want to prevent unauthorised access to one or more areas, a door access control system can meet your needs. Our access control security solutions use cutting-edge technologies that require the input of specific credentials before entry is permitted.

Security Alarm Systems

We can install a security alarm system that alerts you and the authorities to intruders and other threats. Our office and home security systems are reliable, responsive and outfitted with a range of great features. We guarantee you’ll feel safer and more secure when you install one of our office or home alarm systems in Melbourne.

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